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Stay Informed
The SexTracker Executive allows you to check all summary, graph, and visitor data for each of your accounts in real-time without having to log in to the stats web page - the numbers constantly update on your windows desktop as long as you are online! You can also print out graphical information, and save the stats of your choice to an Excel file to create your own unique reports!

Comprehensive Stats
With complete referrer and visitor stats and a full detailed history of every hour, day, month and year that you have tracked with the SexTracker counter, you can easily watch for trends, advertising and promotional effectiveness, and watch up to the minute activity on your website. Many adult webmasters have told us they can't live without it!

Highly Configurable
Configure tickers for each account, which dock on your Windows desktop, to watch the activity on all of your sites at once. The numbers actually roll like an odometer live as your hits come in. Counting has never been so up to the minute, or so much fun!

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